Why Bernedoodles

Why Bernedoodles are the greatest breed

Journey Neree

5/11/20232 min read

Meet Tova and Hasli (pictured above)our resident flock and herd protectors.

First I’m going to tell you my personal experience with both the Poodles and the Bernese mountain dog.

When I was 10 I got a standard party Poodle puppy. She has the best personality and she is one of the best dogs I every had. The only problem was her hair, it is so thick and hard to groom. Every 6 months I would have to give her a hair cut because her fur grows so fast. Luckliy my mom knows how to groom dogs and taught me all she knows.

Two years later we moved to a 30-acre farm where we planted 500 trees, and we got two LGD puppies (Livestock Guardian Dogs) they are both Bernese Mountain dogs. They are very happy natured and eager to learn although they are harder to train than a poodle, they are very food motivated. If you train them with food they will listen

There are numerous reasons that Bernedoodles are one of the best dog breeds. First things first they shed very little to no shedding. Even for people that don’t have allergies this is still a very nice feature. (to not have fur all over your house.) Bernese Mountain Dogs have a very doggy smell, but Poodle have no smell at all. The mix is the perfect balance. They also don’t drool as much as a Bernese Mountain dog because of their Poodle side.

The sad truth is Bernese Mountain Dogs only live 8-10 years but the mixes live 12-15 years and they have way less health problems. You do still have to bush a Bernedoodles a lot depending on what hair type you get but, they are way less work than a poodle when it comes to grooming. Bernedoodles are good with every type of animal and they have loving and smart personalities. They come in many different sizes but if someone's looking for a big dog they have one of the longest life expectancies of all the big dogs.

With the intelligence and calmness of a Poodle and the loyalty and boldness of a Bernese Mountain Dog it really is the prefect dog.