white poodle on snow covered ground under blue sky during daytime
white poodle on snow covered ground under blue sky during daytime

Why our Bernedoodles

Loyal, protective, intelligent, friendly, long life span, less prone to disease and genetic tested, our Indiana based Bernedoodle breeding program has one of the longest life expectancy among large breeds available of 12-16+ years. And are trained to start a purposeful and long life of service to their families. Your Indiana Bernedoodle puppy comes complete with up to date vaccines, dewormed, high quality starter food, a toy and blanket and microchip option. And genetic health guaranteed.

Born and raised alongside their parents at our 30 acre Orchard and Creamery just outside of Bloomington Indiana, they have a fabulous start during their most precious first days. This shapes and prepares them for a life as service dogs, like their mother, guardian dogs, like their father, or just loving pets for your family to cherish. Call 317-381-1166 or complete the contact form on the FAQ page. You can also visit us at goldenharvestorchardandcreamery.com

We look forward to helping you with the newest member of your family. Puppies located in Indiana but can be delivered anywhere.

Our mission to produce highly trained, healthy and socially responsible family members. We believe every animal born on our Indiana Based Orchard should have a purpose. Trained to be ready for training as a service dog or guardian dog, we spend hours a day with each puppy making sure they are the very best they can be.

Our guardian dog Hasli, a purebred genetic tested Bernese Mountain Dog and Lilly our purebred Standard Party Poodle herding and service dog produce a perfect balance of intelligence, hypoallergenic and brave long living dogs. Meet the parents and the puppies.

Our dogs (meet the parents)

Lilly, our purebred standard party poodle and Hasli our purebred Bernese mountain dog, both live wonderful lives on our 30 acre farm. They are service and working dogs and come from high quality bloodlines true to our goal of service and excellence.

Standard Poodle/ Service dog/Herder
Bernese Mountain Dog
Guardian Livestock
Bernese Mountain Dog
Guardian Livestock
The Puppies
Pre-started sensory training and paper training