Is homemade food better for dogs?

Will our dogs be healthier on homemade food?

Journey Neree

5/11/20231 min read

sliced orange fruits on brown wooden tray
sliced orange fruits on brown wooden tray

Homemade dog food crosses many dog owners minds, but the real question is how much better is homemade food?


Homemade food can effect your dogs health in a very good way. If you read the ingredients in most bags of dog food there ingredients will be very unhealthy. If your dog is overweight putting him on a homemade diet would be a great solution. If your dog has allergies homemade food will be way better for him. Feeding your dogs fruits, vegetables, fish and other healthy foods gives them essential vitamins and minerals that they don't get in regular dog food.


Not all foods are good for dogs to consume and it's very easy to give your dog food it can't eat. It can be expensive to buy especially if you buy organic food. Unless you make sure your dog is getting all the nutrients and fat it needs he can get skinny or have a nutrient deficiency. Some dogs are very picky and my not like the vegetables or other ingredients in the food. It takes time to make.

I think that homemade food is a very good idea, what I do is mix homemade food with regular dog food so that they are getting all the essential vitamins they need. Although it can be pricey it has a lot of health benefits.