How to pick a puppy from a good breeder

How to avoid puppy mills?

Journey Neree and Rochelle Neree

5/11/20231 min read

selective focus photography of short-coated brown puppy facing right side
selective focus photography of short-coated brown puppy facing right side

Picking a good breeder is very important. Going to see your puppy in person is a good way to see if it's being well taken care of and is being socialized properly. One reason breeders charge what they do is because they put a lot of time and effort into caring for them. From regular bathing and socialization activities, to making sure they are happy, comfortable and healthy during these very formative first weeks. A puppy mill can generally charge less because they are not spending much time with the puppies or the puppies parents, often left in crates and often overbred. We have a much different approach, letting our dogs run happily on 30 acres, swimming almost daily when it's hot out and only breeding every several years.

Puppy mills breed as much as possible and oftentimes the parents are discarded after they are no longer breeding, left in humane societies and kill shelters once the money has all been made. This is a form of inhumane treatment and while there can be less expensive puppies that are being well cared for, the time and effort to care for and raise young puppies well is a worthwhile investment for your dog who you will have for many years to come. Also, genetic testing helps to ensure you have less expensive vet bills later in life and avoid common ailments that can cost thousands in care, treatment and medications. In addition to saving you money by only breeding animals who are passing good genetics to your puppy, you are also supporting a healthy start and longevity by choosing a puppy from a responsible and ethical breeder. We make a commitment to a lifetime for every dog on our farm and long after they are done breeding puppies they will live out their lives of purpose enjoying our farm and the comforts of a forever home, which is what we hope and strive for for each one of our puppies.